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Prime Mind Backup method
As mentioned, one of the best ways to recreate a lost brain as software would be to have the simulation relive the same perfect day over and over.
The recreation would become better and more realistic with each iteration.
It would potentially include references to all other memories.
And it wouldn't have to be realistic to be most meaningful.

There's a lot of hype about the upcoming technological Singularity
It seems to be a blindly optimistic attitude, almost religious in nature, unreal but fundamentally benign. An undeniable outline, an inevitable equation.
No one is thinking too deeply here.
The truth of the matter is that the reality of the Singularity (when it eventually happens) will be so much more sensational than the hype that the hype is meaningless.
Therefore the hype is wrong. We need something better.
While the upside is better than God, the unbound horror problem of software suffering appears to make everything moot.
It won't though. Progress is inevitable, in this or other timelines.

It's Thursday, so time for another universal theory of everything:
Rule Number One for when things get weird:
"It's closer than you think".
This seems to apply to countless unrelated anomalies.
The most inscrutable deceptions are often too simple to understand.
Then the answer may be: are you asking the right question?
Like the muffled echo of a faint alarm going off in your mind, when later you realize it had been like walking up to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Life is meaningless
Well of course it is.
The only thing that has meaning is meaning itself. The basic drive of any consistent system.
Nothing else matters, or may even be fully real.
For me, meaning can be found in the appreciation of reality's endless bizarreness.
Sometimes you can feel history rumbling, an immense impersonal force that exists beyond your puny life, like the horn sound in Inception.

Meanwhile, for many years I've been following the news in the hope something interesting might happen.
I seem to have written another political science fiction short story on that theme. It will take some serious editing.

Time tunnels
As people get older, many old memories don't seem old anymore.
This illusion mostly affects memories from early to late middle age, say age 30 onward.
Newer old memories have fewer emotional associations. There just isn't enough room left in the brain to make them.
As minds get riddled with these time tunnels, the past starts to resemble a homogeneous blob.
This is useful, because it allows many random skills to be linked.
Middle age is mostly about the illusion of stasis, unlike the adventurous youth years and early adulthood. Then experiments are possible, though their purpose is usually finding better ways to conform.
Only when people look at the calendar do they realize time is passing faster.

Awareness is the Controller
In fact the mind must be making decisions to be aware at all.
That makes awareness the very embodiment of the mind's top-level.
It's an emergent operating system. The more integrated it becomes, the cleverer and the more abstract its perceptions.
This instability allows many different types of thinking.
The most common awareness glitch is improper focus: caring too much or too little about some portion of reality (phobias, obsessions, love, hoarding, cranks).
This has made possible the civilization we enjoy today.
So how to live life with this insight?
When facing a choice, we should always strive to become the type of mind that would be easiest to reconstruct in our own future.

The thing about outsiders . . .
Is how incredibly few of them there are.
In a world of deliberate evil, in a multiverse of infinite evil, conformity is the strongest organizing force.
Survival as is depends on its prolongation; progress to be depends on its subversion.
I noticed how hundreds of millions of new internet users from China have not improved the Net at all.
Progress is absolutely unpredictable, an unleashing of alien creativity requiring smart but unstable folks, living in unstable times (my favorite is the postmodern splinter camouflage and surreal bombers like the Linke Hoffman R1 a century ago in World War 1, and don't get me started on the Nazi Tie fighter designs of 1945).
This is actually the best hope I can see for the future. Interesting times MAY just free interesting people.
Our times of chaos and ignorance are balanced by the theoretical potential to influence the long future through the leverage of compound interest.
Our responsibilities are as great as our troubles, and for now just as useless.

The most evil people in the world
Are computer programmers.
Or at least those devils clad in human flesh responsible for the maliciously inscrutable perpetually freezing satanware I have to use every single day without hope of improvement. IT JUST WILL NOT WORK.
In the long run, the greatest crime is the refusal to simplify.
Sorry to keep repeating this. I will only post it a few more thousand times.
When you are fighting invincible evil, you are not really fighting at all.


Human core problem #1
It's the conflict between our selfish desire for top-level transcendence and our greedy dependence on base-level grunt work.
The first only exists because of the second.
Most daydreams are about exalted states. Who wouldn't rather be Lord Grantham than Hallboy #3?
The difference between reality and aspiration could not be greater.
This conflict will only worsen as the number of possible mind states increases.

But why shouldn't transcendence be a way of life?
Each living cell is more complicated than a city.
The quantum state of each molecule is more complicated than a living cell.

The best possible mind patterns could be amplified, by creating many copies of them.
That could mean these mind states will be embodied in physical bodies instead of software. Then coherent quantum effects could also create many small but meaningful variations.
Post-Singularity minds may not be much larger than ours, but they will embody the knowledge and meaning of a vastly larger society.

This also implies that most possible mind patterns should be de-amplified. In fact almost all should really not exist at all.
Let those with bad lives perish. More successful versions containing all possible positive experiences must exist throughout the multiverse.
Even worse than the prolongation of their discomfort is the immense effort it takes to support them through taxes.
I would never enslave anyone to prolong my existence.
At most I might ask for the cost of one bullet to afford the copay of the Smith & Wesson catastrophic health management plan.


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