the Simple Immortality Plan

A mad philosopher in a race against time.

The ultimate nerds
The first cyborgs will wear upper face-covering helmets, but mostly spend their days in swivel chairs.
They may look like Spectran guards in 'Battle of the Planets'.
Power users of the future will have IMAX-sized control screens with vast layered menus that will take years to perfect, representing all their knowledge and all human knowledge in a single super-fractal.

These may be the Final Men, the summit of human progress, our last bow before the machines enter the stage.
All it will take is one more interface breakthrough.
People can read faster than they can listen, but they still talk faster than they can type.
Perhaps keyboards could finally be replaced with voice controls or expression-reading face scanners.

So that's my theory: what's holding us back is not chip speed but interface friction. That's where the research should be focused.
It could be the solution to the problems of education, poverty, tribal conflicts.
The Long Pause that started around the Millennium will finally end.
Then long-term planning will become useless. Don't worry, that won't happen for at least another decade.

We'll know the change has begun when cities start becoming obsolete.

The immense mystery no one will discuss
Why we are here: the complexity/simplicity paradox.
There's too much complexity in nature, but our world is optimized to hide it.

The human brain is said to be very complex, but nothing could be further from the truth. A few quadrillion wires, connected in a halfway most meaningful way.
Awareness is a mystery, but it is also small: a few things that work, endlessly repeated.
Dreaming of island empires, it can't do a trillionth of what it wants.

By contrast the universe is absurdly complex.
Higgs particles are the invisible thingies that keep your bicycle from falling over (oversimplified explanation).
It takes the equivalent energy of tons of TNT in the form of circling atomic nuclei in the Large Hadron Collider to see the shadow of the echo of even one little Higgs particle.
No digital computer in the universe could fully simulate the events in one cubic meter of the universe.

Yet the universe could be generated with a few (or one) relatively simple equations.
This equation doesn't even have to define the strength ratio between different forces, which could be procedurally generated.
The ratio between electromagnetism and gravity may be a number far greater than the universe equation itself, or an irrational number, or an approximation.

If you can fully explain math, you can explain everything.

Do traffic signs have awareness?
The answer to this question is yes.
Daniel Dennett mentioned it as a common misinterpretation of his views. The other misinterpretation is that feelings don't exist at all.
However, the Turing Test implies that whenever a complex system appears to have agency, its awareness automatically exists.

The awareness may be distant in time and space, but that makes it no less real. All that matters is that the link to the awareness is as complex as the thought itself.
A traffic sign represents a few bits of information, but it's a neuron in a very complex system.
Even the combination of a primitive program of our era and its shackled user is complex enough to recreate instances of its designers' awareness.

Physics is math interpreting itself
Almost any way you choose to line up numbers, random patterns will emerge.
By chance, some number arrangements can be interpreted in more meaningful ways.
After many permutations, some number patterns will be complex enough to describe thinking, feeling minds.
Including whatever you're thinking right now.

Long before then, other numbers will be interpretable as equations describing simple universes.
Almost all universes in existence are extremely simple universes, like endless games of Pong.
Slightly larger equations describe more complex universes.
Our universe equation approaches some ideal balance between compact size and complex output.

Most numbers that generate minds create only brief perceptions with no deeper meaning.
Most numbers that generate complex universes create consistent perceptions in vast quantities.

Family Guy/Simpsons crossovers
They don't live in the same universe, even though both universes are absurd. The Family Guy universe is just further out there.
They might live in the same meta-universe, requiring a dimensional portal to visit.
Even if it turned out they did live in the same universe, they should be drawn in the others style when visiting.
The Simpsons should be flesh colored or the Griffins yellow, like when The Critic visited Springfield.
All bets are off if it's a Halloween episode.

Rage is just another word for powerlessness
Losers don't seem to be very popular for some reason.
They howl with absolute fury because their noise matters nothing.
To those with the power they are zero. Dictators rarely visit their prisons.
As the volume peaks, the victims' screams become inaudible. It's like trying to complain to Microsoft.
Timothy McVeigh selling anti-government brochures from the trunk of his car in 1994, a homeless bum having my backpack emptied under a viaduct in 2019, the victims of Muslim youths blocking 'potato people' last week.
From Oslo to DC to San Francisco, the luxury enclaves of the elites are designed to not only erase the perception of these crimes, but the very memory of their victims.

The great lie of pornography

They say fewer men are marrying thanks to porno vids nowadays.
The problem with this thesis is that porn is crap. Just another symptom of a crap world.
There is actually not that much of it. More real human intercourse happens every hour worldwide.
It's incredibly stupid. At best porn is as unreal and stylized as tribal mud dances or hieroglyphics. It makes the world seem not only evil but worthless.
Almost everything serves the mainstream, including both sides in most conflicts.
The real purpose of pornography is to make conventional mating look better by devaluing physical beauty.
In no way does it seek to be a substitute for the real thing.
Some things can not be bought with money. The world's real currency is status.

Getting rich selling mind backup services
Before human-level AI software is invented, human mind backup technology may become a premium service.
More an art than a science, skilled experts will attempt to reconstruct their clients' minds in software.
Starting this process will be as intensely hypnotic as Scientology brainwashing.
Clients have to feel like something profound is happening, a doubling of their awareness as their mind extension is born or something like that. There's a strong ceremonial component.
Most sessions can be conducted online. The experts will map their personality and meaningful events and settings, with the goal of modeling their ideal self.

Before there can be a market for such a product, its methods will have to be evolved by amateurs. For some that will be a full time hobby.
Even at the earliest stages, it could be sold as a premium service.
If it's workable, someone will pioneer a multilevel marketing operation with expensive, copyrighted manuals describing patented interrogation and integration methods.
The goal is to build a chain of franchises with low start-up costs and high fees. This requires a competent, professional appearance to inspire confidence, especially at the start.
The more an activity could be described as a pseudoscience, the less it should resemble one.

Things I find amazing: List Item #1
How much jobs SUCK.
All of them, really.
Not even the work itself, but the surrounding circles of heck.
How the devil do you normal people put up with this?
It's your world. You own it. You could change it if you wanted.
The fact that you don't means that - incredibly - you're basically happy with the situation.
That is something I will never understand.
Well, I've said enough.
No wait, actually I can't get over it.
Let's start with the existential tedium of getting a job.
This process could be commercially streamlined, centralized, automated. There, I just came up with another moneymaking idea.
Things are worse than the vast majority realizes. And that includes conspiracy theorists.

Those who have had severe mental problems look dazed
Or maybe 'wry' is a better expression.
They are not happy or sad or depressed.
Powerful psychotropics have temporarily carpet-bombed their brain circuits into submission.
It's like mental static. They could be walking through a rainstorm or at a wild party, it's all the same.
Their expression feels remarkably like the writings of authors who know they're about to die, like Asimov's and Crichton's final finished SF novels.
It's what remains when all options have been removed, Zero Hour or the final hour.

Things do get simpler as choices are eliminated.
People in rehab can't even leave to get takeout.
Well can they get deliveries then?
Nope, no fast food or candy or anything nice.
Well that might make sense. When they leave rehab they will splurge on acceptable legal vices instead of dope, speed or horse.
Still nope. This is like boot camp.
The only way to change a personality is to control it totally.

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