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the Simple Immortality Plan

A mad philosopher in a race against time.

The next step will be personality mapping software
Human personality is related to emotion, still an annoying mystery.
However, fewer than ten easily described personality traits (novelty seeking/avoidance, conservatism, affect, emotional range, etc) may need to be measured.
The most important element is intelligence, specifically the type of
intelligence. This depends on what problems someone most wants to deal with (in my case, finishing all my projects before celebrating forever).
The subject could describe their ideal life and ideal environment.
Since we don't know what matters yet, there may be millions of mini-quizzes and measurable factors. Later, there will be fewer but far more incisive personality tests.
These may be surreal trips through ultra-resolution VR-space, and involve being
exposed to thousands of images per minute.

My favorite SF story written since the 1980s
'Three worlds collide'
I've basically stopped reading SF since the death of Michael Crichton.

My rule in life is to not get involved in anything
Stay away from shit you don't need to be part of. That includes any business you don't care about, starting especially with the legal profession.
All my ordeals in life happened when I broke that rule.

The dragon in the next room
I've been criticized for my recent infinite torture posts, which is completely understandable. There appears to be an unbridgeable chasm between the way I would like reality to be, and the way reality actually is. It could hardly be greater.
Obviously I'm not going to advertise this, but someone has to start thinking about the anthropic horror problems. They will only get worse as mind sizes increase.
Most people spend their lives making problems in their own spheres, yet they secretly believe they are going to heaven afterward.
Unlike everyone, I don't believe in ignoring a problem because it is too big.
The Era of Errors may only be a few decades away.
Anyone who follows this blog knows I have already mentioned many long-shot partial solutions. 'Anthropic Intelligence' is full of them. Perhaps they're wishful thinking.
Unsurprisingly, these solutions are based on the main themes of this blog.

Technical posts
Mind Backup technology may be closer than nuclear fusion or a Mars base.
Introduction/initial overview:



The Posthuman dawn
We live in a time of rising unemployment and falling birth rates. Life is getting harder.
It's as if the upcoming phase-out of humanity has already begun, but without any of the good stuff.
That is exactly what has been happening. A few of us suspect things won't get better again without a revolution.

The System has been evolving for millennia, so why stop now?
While humans can't control or even understand it, they can exploit it.
Pressures from increasing bureaucracy, legal corruption, and unstoppable healthcare escalation, are balanced by mass immigration to control the population.
Old school politicians notice little and care less.

Progress is caused by change. Change is pain. Change could be good, but why should it be.
Is the System becoming aware? Why not. When a system becomes complex enough, awareness may be inevitable.

The transition will accelerate with the invention of ubiquitous awareness.
Cheap but powerful computers everywhere will create a real-time digital model of all known reality. How good or bad this will be depends entirely on the intelligence of its design.
It will be a nervous system wthout a brain. At first.
The possibilities for pleasure are incalculable, but so are the dangers.

What would it be like to be interrogated by a god?
An inconceivably brilliant mind that knows just about everything ever written by and about human society?
Today, its sole focus is to learn as much as possible about you.

It would ask the most penetrating questions to discern your mind essence better than any non-invasive test.
From the start, it will be as if it has been watching you your whole life. The tone of the conversation will converge to your true personality.

We only need one such hyper-genius for all of mankind, like Multivac in an Isaac Asimov story.
Currently, most AI research is focused on low-end applications without any prospect of awareness.
Humans already know so much, that most knowledge can't be transmitted outside complex organizations.

A high-end interactive mind tester will need profoundly deep awareness.
Perhaps one massive insight could solve the mystery, making it relatively easy to create ever larger minds.
A good first step would be to create a self-assembling database of all human knowledge.

There will also be massive ethical paradoxes and enigmas to resolve. I think that will be the easy part.

New blog about Mind Backup technology

This blog will only host articles on possible tests and methods useful for reverse engineering human minds, and related scientific and philosophical theorizing.
In most cases, the content will have been posted here first.
It will also have a more professional appearance to help with my monetization schemes.

Whites don't discriminate against blacks
It's much worse than that.
The two groups live in different worlds, each unable to experience the other.
Suppose a black guy decided to passionately dedicate his life to inventing a better software interface, if such a scenario is even possible. He could only do that for a few years before passing away from bronchitis from being homeless.
OK, let's build a moon rocket instead.
Start with the nosecone. Then the escape rocket's escape rocket, to lift the escape rocket off the command module. Then the escape rocket itself, to lift the command module off the service module.
Then it gets complicated.
In fact it's clear that any complex system is too complicated for any expert, no matter how smart, white or black - though high IQ does help.
Just as important however, is the ability to divide functions and split tasks. Specifically, to submerge oneself in a larger group.
This appears to be a white and Asian genetic adaptation, a few 'broken' genes that underwent extensive selective pressure.

A Ringworld has a billion-kilometer circumference
That's almost one light-hour around.
It's basically a giant spinning ring placed around a star, with its inhabitants held against the inside surface by 'centrifugal force'. The inner surface can be a gently curving plain with a million times Earth's surface area.
Such a thing has to be made of extremely strong material.
If its circumference stretched just 30 meters in one second, then its inner-surface-dwelling residents would be weightless during that second.
To prevent stretching just one centimeter per 300,000 kilometers in one second, the surface would have to be insanely inflexible.
Something like neutron matter, if we had any idea what that was.

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