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An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

Infogalactic: alt-right political terms
Interesting times require rapidly updated information.


the real reason Trump won
Subconsciously, a sufficient minority of voters knew it was necessary to let a substantial portion of the excluded middle 'let off steam' before their breaking point was reached. So they stayed home.
Imagine if Hillary was doing her thing right now. Civil war would have been closer than we realize. Something spectacular would be imminent.
In fact it may still be. But what?

Infogalactic new category: Mind Backup
I think my favorite thing about Infogalactic is how they really go out on a limb to keep us updated on cutting-edge and speculative technologies before they're publicized elsewhere. It's the place to stay ahead of the crowd.


How to differentiate Infogalactic from Wikipedia
The least important individual things are the most important things collectively, as they outnumber all other things.

Infogalactic can only compete with Wikipedia by vastly increasing its number of casual contributors. That will require a massive increase in the creation of short/simple articles about obscure subjects - including articles about ephemeral minutiae like yourself and others. The only requirement is that they be true. Quantity can compensate for quality.


Another Infogalactic article banned on Wikipedia: Gypsies
If you don't like the political correctness suffocating most universal encyclopedias then your best alternative is Infogalactic. They are like the FoxNews to Wikipedia's CNN.


Why I will never say I love you
You can only say these words as a dramatic statement, not as a formal statement, and with me, formal statements are all there is.
It's hard to behave seriously about serious things, because serious things involve the strongest emotions, while serious behavior involves an absence of emotions.

The future of Scientology
Scientology is deliciously evil, a diabolical conspiracy restrained by its own contradictions.
Their essential problem is how they treat former members.
With all its grandiose promises (mostly the opposite of the truth), members don't care anymore about the parts of Scientology that might actually work. Members just want miracles now.
The things that do work may be controversial in new ways. Some people actually want to join the Borg Collective.

Just because it's mostly nonsense doesn't mean it isn't clever.
There's been some discussion about how Scientology will eventually respond to the torrent of criticism it has been enduring for years.

Here's what I predict will happen:
Sometime in the twenties Scientology will finally reform itself, announcing an all-new way of doing things.
A cutting-edge, open source, science-based research movement.
Some degree of order will be maintained through compartmentalization and multiple democratic sub-groups; a divide and rule strategy.
This will be an excuse to generate tons of new bureaucratic procedures, the thing they do best.

It will be a total change from how things are now, as outlined briefly on Infogalactic:


Infogalactic: list of alt-right concepts
Another cool thing about Infogalactic is how they sort and organize social trends even as they are happening. It's the best way to keep track of breakthrough movements and their unfolding effects:


Infogalactic: webcomic article
What I like most about Infogalactic is that they allow entries about subjects that would be automatically banned on Wikipedia because they haven't been written up in the mainstream media.


A blog about the science of orbital mechanics
. . . of Lagrange Points and world-length tethers:



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