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A new Mind Backup startup!
This is interesting. A guy is trying to get the funding for a full-service Mind Backup facility lined up before the process has even been defined. He really should have hired me, or at least asked me for advice. That's what I'm here for.



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There is nothing like doing nothing
Our world exists in a state of constant churn.
Soberness is the ability to ignore almost everything that happens.
The most successful people work less hard because they avoid unprofitable chores.
Instead, they work at getting others to do them for their own benefit.
Not everyone can manage this feat, but a few people may fail in interesting ways.
The handful of true outsiders do their own thing because they are narcissists.
As the ultimate outsider, my life has been shit, but shit isn't necessarily bad if properly contained.
I'm doing this work for the benefit of future AIs.

Liberals are acceptors
Unfortunately, that makes most people liberals. They accept what is because they want normalcy, defined as the system they were born under.
As someone who doesn't accept reality, this is painful to admit.
Religious people are the most fundamental conformists. They want to make reality exactly as it is only more so.
However, the elite liberals of our age take things a step further.
They secretly pride themselves in their ability to remain above it all.
Under the 'divide and rule' principle, they tolerate all kinds of social changes, the more the better, the diverser the better - except from people who want to prevent social changes.
The only way to stop them would be to use their methods against them.
Elite liberals are the new Jews. Its okay to hate them!

Hate is failure

Many people, especially women, feel a type of hatred for weaklings. It's a strong revulsion. Instead of pitying them, they want them to fail right out of existence.
However, disgust is far from the only type of hate.
Worse hate is felt when the hater himself is weak. All his rivals are winning even though they shouldn't.
It's a last ditch defense. Evolution is not only powered by failure, but also the failure of failure. Monkeys still exist because in some ways they are more advanced than humans.
I think the worst hate of all is felt on behalf of other people the hater can relate to, who have been wronged.

Scientology is a huge and complex set-up
In fact it's so big and complex there is no room for doubt or questions. That's part of the plan.
Scientology rapidly expanded its brainwashing-mind-control franchises between 1960 to 1990, setting up shops in dozens of cities, but L. Ron Hubbard forbade them from changing any of the voluminous manuals through which his scheme was controlled. Not a letter could be altered until the end of time.

When he died in 1986, they could not adapt to social changes. They're still stuck in the mid-1970s or so.
Then the Internet revealed their madness-inducing spiritual drills, from Lord Xenu and his DC-8-like spaceliners on down.
It's possible to control people's thoughts to an incredible extent, but impossible to change who they are.

Scientology is most vulnerable to having its current abuses exposed by its former members.
Their many victims could easily act up by holding permanent protests in that Florida town they control, or buying XENU billboards there.
I am surprised one of their victims hasn't committed suicide yet on the island mosaic in front of their giant headquarters building.

Mind Backup: the ghost of your ghost
The largest category of your initial memory list should be top-level activities.
These are common actions, oft-repeated and not tied to a specific date or event.
They range from your most important activities like your life's works, all the way down to obscure habits and minor trends.

In no particular order it would include your stores and shops, chores through the years, family visits, parks, daydreams, all business associates and employees, yardwork, libraries, celebrities seen, local politics and personal affiliations, churches, bands, bars, failed hobbies, gatherings, favors done, neighbors, amusements parks and day trips, local walks, random wanderings, and much, much more.

The top-level list may be surprisingly short. So my life has been really boring.
Only when a few thousand items have been assembled, can they be reliably sorted into lower categories.
The precise categories may be more important than the memories themselves, because they will define the nature of your awareness.

What are the most likely Islamist terrorist targets in the USA?
A complex question, but we can expect the targets to be 'easy', with limited or no security. If possible, the Islamists will use explosives, since more folks are armed in the USA than in Europe.
Time to start worrying. Always be on the lookout, and when the ululating starts, DUCK.

Targets of opportunity:

1) Smaller college and high school football games.

2) Big Box stores, especially on Black Friday. They may have greeters, customer service, perhaps armed loss prevention guys, but are all shockingly vulnerable.

3) Airport drop-off and pick-up areas on holidays.

4) Supermarkets, restaurants, government offices, gas stations and tanker truck depots, highway overpasses and rush hour traffic.

We've only just begun. The way things are going there's going to be a lot more of this.
Suggestions from readers are welcome.

A few years ago I helped invent the 'God Challenge'
The big idea was for all religious people at once to pray to the supreme being to ask him to show proof he really existed.
If nothing happened, it would be OK for everyone to become atheist.
Well why ever not?
It goes without saying I think nothing would happen if everyone did that.

What is the best current evidence for God that could conceivably be cited?
You might come up with some clever physical argument, like how the universe's extreme complexity appears to almost cancel out, or the approximate match between our evolutionary complexity and the volume of the observable universe.
I think it would be better to limit ourselves to logical principles.

The best candidate would be the principle of plenitude: If reality is capable of generating anything at all, and then capable of generating very elaborate structures, why should there be a limit to what it can generate?
In an infinitely evil universe, who knows what may be possible?

Rather than working for a living, I could talk about this stuff for hours at a time.
However, I learned long ago that a strange Conformity Field holds almost everyone in an iron grip. Its censorship circuits activate, and it's like nothing ever happened.

URGENT: We need to accelerate technological progress
But how? I already mentioned a strange paradox: the only way to explain complex concepts to a general audience is to make them more complicated.
Also known as oversimplifying, it's surprisingly hard to do.

Imagine there was a way to artificially increase human intelligence or functionality by just a small amount, the simplest possible mind extension.
Such an invention alone could change everything, as much as a workable brain plugin.

If it's ever invented, it may be based on the principle of total surveillance.
Intelligent software would watch everything the subject was doing, and directly measure their mood and motivation.
This, together with faster access to all human knowlege, might cause a sudden phase shift in human society in the future.

Individual changes could be as great as death itself, including the abandonment of obsolete beliefs.
Trying to hold on to a past identity would be as useless as trying to resist a "Men In Black-style" neuralizer in a dream. Before you know it you are already in another dream. Then the memory of the lost memory is wiped but you can't remember why.

The change is as unimaginable as trying to reconstruct how I would have reacted to a videogame a quarter century ago.
Many people wouldn't mind such a metamorphosis.
Some online loser may feel like little more than a brain in a vat. Instead of being a conventional solipsist, they may think of themselves as fictional.
This could be a good thing. Their attention could be turned outward.

I've already written about content aggregation as a way of life.
Someone could become more like themselves by collecting and organizing all available data on whatever they are most interested in.
The organized memory library they leave behind will be larger than the organized data they could fit in their heads.

If the Net can make individuals smarter than their genes alone would allow, the groups they belong to would not necessarily improve as well.
It could be wonderful. There could be online news agencies, crowdfunded mass media, banks and insurance cartels, and virtual corporations and countries.
There could also be endlessly elaborate conspiracies and crime networks.

Trevor Noah
Was finally able to watch a bit of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" under its new host.
Around me the other screens were blaring mindless entertainment, as the oddly unreadable face spoke in a clear, steady voice. Its monologue was about certain things related to the terror attacks in Paris.
The lecture opened with orders to the viewers not to discuss the details of the attacks, the attackers themselves, the attackers' motives, or the attackers' religion.

Then it got worse.
This being represents what I call "The Delighteds".
Trevor Noah is a willing tool or a member of the super-wealthy, the elites, the Establishment, the Cathedral, the Mainstream System.


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