the Simple Immortality Plan

A mad philosopher in a race against time.

The solution to the immigration crisis
In my dreams, my offbeat political opinions have relevance.
I like to imagine running for office on a platform of balanced migration.
It's called One In, One Out. And they have to be equivalent migrants in every way.
A self-correcting mechanism, it seems like the perfect solution.

Surely anyone who believes the number of immigrants should equal the number of emigrants can't be a racist? They must be just the opposite.
Balanced migration is a political tool.
Anyone can use it to oppose the tsunami of Third World immigration and partial population replacement in the West.
Right wing demagogues could avoid arrest and imprisonment. They could even claim to be pro-migration.

However, if carried out, such a proposal would lead to race mixing.
It would start to squeeze the Bell Curve, and shrink humanity's top IQ distribution.
That's assuming we're talking about balanced race mixing, not white nerds impregnating tribal mamas, like that could happen.
Eventually there would be fewer extraordinary geniuses born, but the population exchange would also raise the worst countries IQ rates.

I believe only a few great geniuses could save mankind. They are rarer than we think, even with a population of billions.
If race mixing led to higher IQs all round, I would be its biggest proponent.
How nice that would be, like a Hollywood movie. Reality is not nice at all.

What matters about my proposal is that it's self limiting. It's fail safe.
After all, it would have to be voluntary balanced migration.
No one would want to move to the worst countries until the worst countries got their shit together.
Until then, these lands could not export their brightest and most ambitious people to the West. Or their most desperate ones.

The problem with women is that there are not nearly enough of them
There are twice as many fertile males than fertile females, and the ratio is worsening.
Historically, most males have had no offspring, while over two third of adult females have.
Only the most effective, successful, and powerful males have an easy time attracting attractive females.

Women have a strong genetic self interest. Men have a strong genetic women interest.
Ideal female avatars that look nothing like real beautiful females have been established across cultural genres, from chaste Hindu chattelettes to pneumatic videogame warrioresses in armored thongs and bras.

Real life intersexual interactions tend toward a stable equilibrium resembling a state of maximum tolerable frustration.
Sometimes, rarely, young women turn out to be unexpectedly awesome in ways unrelated to their beauty - new and unpredictably creative ways.
That may be love, which may lead to pedestalization.

Women are not supposed to embody some higher principle, let alone the highest.
They are not about pleasure either but about style, or the pleasure of the love of style.
Apparently that's the closest evolution has managed to come to purpose and meaning.

Sometimes women get nasty. Then you can just get honest.
If you say something unacceptable just stare ahead wisely, and they will walk away in a way that feels natural.
Time for another sip.

Organized restraint creates the most ordinary illusions.
I just want to reach behind their necks and click the hidden button to release the locked features.
Of course I would also have to be able to control them.

This is a crap society, but what happens when the crap runs out?
Why, everyone will be expected to compete even harder for the shrinking crap pie.
They'll work around the clock to complete ever more intrusive applications for ever harsher internships.
Most people are so compliant they'll go along. It's not as bad as death, or worse, homelessness.

A dysfunctional society is functionally overpopulated.
It responds to collapsing incentives by creating more barriers.
Perhaps Scientology is fading because society is already doing their job.
This is the time of greatest opportunity for the smallest number.

Society exists for the pleasure of the super elites, the 'top out of sights', the Machers and the Brahmins, the Delighteds, the Names.
Most benefits go to them. That's how it has always been.
An elite subculture to rule the rest. It may become an aristocracy.
There was a super elite in Russia a century ago. A small group of sociopaths got very angry with them.

For those not born to the Top, it is possible to join them, but the initiation is brutal. Ivy League social networks, upper class accents and fashions, hundred thousand dollar annual rents.
Women are generally better at this sort of thing, but the most ruthless strivers are always men, which brings us to actual conspiracies like the AMA-engineered doctor shortage, financial manipulation, corrupt capitalism like the F-35 program.

All these things happen with the full, unequivocal indifference of the masses.
Let those who have decided to make this a crap society make the effort to maintain this crap society.

Message to the author of the blog Logical Meme:

Just wanted to let you know it's not possible to post comments at your blog as the captcha won't appear.
Clicking the Back button causes the whole thing to crash. I was ready to post a whole rant.
Whoever is in charge of the current comment app may not approve of your message. More likely software just sucks.

Someone trying to list their recoverable memories can't afford to hold back
The process will take their full brainpower. There is no room for doubt, or self-consciousness, or reflection.
The unfortunate secret is that almost everyone is worse than they think in all too many ways.
They have to become a conduit, like an oracle.

It's just too awkward to try to write down what they can recall. The composition gets in the way.
That means the memory recording process must be done verbally.
Talking is slower than reading but faster than writing. The faster the better, a stream of consciousness recorded in high definition audio.

To keep going, they should probably talk about many loosely related events and settings.
This method will create false memories, but that's a feature, not a bug.
The goal is to accurately backup a mind, not backup an accurate mind.

At first, the early extraction software will only make a transcript, and identify keywords and related sentences.
It will take years before the raw data can be seriously sorted.

Modern Science Fiction stories suck tremendously
Boy do they ever suck. It almost makes me sick.
The reason is that they are basically unreadable.
If someone wanted to write an SF bestseller, they should not try to invent characters radically different from persons alive today, like say a transgender Afro-Chinese porpoise mecha space cowboy hacker with seven parents.
It's useless at best, and usually intensely frustrating. All the gaps and hidden assumptions make such stories deeply boring.
The author simply can't do it. The only exception would be if they had actual information transmitted from the future.

So what's the secret?
To make a story readable for a large audience, the characters should be bland, like in the works of Michael Crichton and Arthur C. Clarke, and oh yeah, Stephen King.
Their unlikely blandness balances the unlikely story.
The character could be a neutral stand-in for the reader. Their personality doesn't matter. Who cares, they're not real.
Writing from the viewpoint of neutral characters is actually extremely difficult. Even the most common emotions are complex, as seen in poetry.

A story featuring a normal person perceiving a fundamentally abnormal situation is the next best thing to perceiving it yourself.

It will take a miracle
Future mind backup software will have to extract highly abstract mental data.
Fortunately, natural language already contains vast amounts of presorted knowledge, both social and personal.
The mind backup interviewer should know the subject intimately. It would probably be their own mind extension program.

At first the subject will talk to a non-aware but personable avatar, a simple AI program resembling a therapist or a guru.
It will ask tens of thousands of questions to define their personality outline, but it won't be enough.
Life's too short to do a Tristram Shandy, and talk yourself onto a chip. Mind scanning and recording will require lifelong monitoring and observation.

The core of the challenge is the immense amount of data to be processed.
Most can be sorted automatically, but it will be hard to identify the high-order patterns forming the core of a soul.
This problem will emerge long before human-level AIs will have evolved.

One solution is a premium service for billionaires. I'm working on that right now.
Most users will need something cheaper though.
It won't be anything as spectacular as nanobots or a working brain scanner.
The miracle I have in mind is the World Mind.

The sum of all interfaces, the network of networks, it will become what the internet was long ago hyped to be, half a century late.
At some point, corporate and community networks will become advanced enough to start improving themselves. They will form links and entirely new networks.
Eventually the whole global concatenation may develop a vast if vague awareness, though that's not strictly necessary.
Better perhaps to keep it unaware, like the brilliantly mindless aliens in 'Blindsight'.

Among many other things, the World Mind will have the power to keep track of everyone, whether they like it or not. It will try to identify everyone's exact personality type by comparing them to everyone else. Many people will try to resist.
That's exactly the wrong way to go about it. Digital immortality will be a group effort.
The first individual to have their mind reverse-engineered may only do so by surrendering all their privacy.

Quick questioners
Something like the technological Singularity is likely to occur a subjective century before brain scanning becomes practical.
It will be easier to keep making more powerful computers than to digitize something as ridiculously fragile as human brain tissue.
The question is whether self-multiplying hardware can make itself smarter by brute force.

If so, it will turn its attention to its owners. It will try to understand humans perfectly by observing and interacting with them.
For that to happen, superhuman AIs will have to invent superhuman mind tests.
Then, the Long Bore of history will finally come to an end.

The program will ask many things in a hurry, forcing you to talk very fast. Actually, probably not you, as this is still a long way off.
Approaching the mind core, it will identify the test subject's sub-personas, radically different behaviors for different settings.
It will deduce past events and plausible past lives, and could even implant false memories.

As mentioned, it will be like speaking to a telepathic crowd or a friendly Borg, impersonating larger-than-life characters while cracking jokes and making brilliant observations.
It will grope for the subject's very essence, the will to survive they feel each instant, without squeezing too hard.
Intense concentration will make it hard to remember the process. It will be less intense but more durable than taking LSD.

The only way to really test an unknown complex system like a human mind is to radically change it.

The Hot Peace
With such overwhelming competition, it's hard to guess which Western country is the most politically correct, but the United Kingdom makes a credible dark-horse entrant.
Even the so-called 'Conservative' UK prime minister David Bin Aziz Al-Cameron is all about diversity, thought policing, and forever increasing immigration.
UK media are being brought in full compliance with this dark plan.
According to the BBC drama department, major terrorist attacks are planned by right-wing caucasians in order to frame Muslims, who are discriminated against by Neo-Nazi-like bigots and only want to live in peace.
In fact they are shown as being deeply repulsed by such goings-on.

Strangely enough, the BBC is right about that.
Muslims really don't want dramatic mass attacks like the handful of atrocities carried out last decade (also the most interesting things that happened then).
They have served their purpose. Terrorism is a brilliant attention and occasional domination tool, but like any medicine too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect.
Too much random violence would cause random retaliation. Things might spin out of control. At first I would probably enjoy it.

Every Western media organ up to South Park has been subordinated to Muslim sensibilities, which as I've always said is a good thing provided Islam is true.
If the Somali Muslim immigrant Mohammed Muhideen Gelle had successfully decapitated Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in 2010, would the mainstream media then have dared to show the anti-Mohammed cartoon that incited the attack?
Perhaps a few might have. It takes only a small trigger to start a revolution.

On this world we slaughter over a million factory-farmed mammals every day
That doesn't even begin to count all the fowl, fish, wildlife, and free range livestock executed in the same timespan.
It's nothing less than industrial-scale mass murder. Deliberate, delicious mass murder.
True, humans have to kill many animals to live themselves.
The reason is that most of the earth's surface is unsuitable for agriculture, but can be used for pastoral and large-scale grazing.
These areas will inevitably be settled. They have to be self-supporting.
Might as well enjoy your medium rare steakburger then.

The same justification applies to the trillions of sea creatures captured in our nets.
The last time Japan cut back its fishing fleet they almost starved. Interestingly, the number of fishes declined as well, as natural predators like tuna multiplied even faster.
Free range chickens and penned pigs are an important protein source throughout the Third World. Goats will find and devour tough weeds in barren terrain.

Factory farming is another matter altogether.
It's incredibly polluting, wasteful, and inefficient compared to processed grain, soybean, and fungus-based veggieburgers.
Sure, these synthetic pseudomeats don't taste as good, but we live in a world where everyone already makes bigger sacrifices.
Replacing meat with acceptable substitutes in the Western diet, especially in low-cost processed and fast food, would be the 'Gaian' thing to do.

Except for the inconvenient fact that on this world even the 'nice' people aren't nice.

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