the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

A last hope
What if you've made a terrible mistake?
You were born too early.
That means you are going to die even before the relatively primitive mind-backup technology described in this blog becomes available.
Everything will be lost. Since there's no god, there can be no afterlife. Or could there be?
The only way your mind data could be reconstructed would be if there was a detailed description of your mind.
If we rule out time machines or cryonics, what is left? (Perhaps, a version of quantum immortality can stay.)
The only solution is to leave a type of testament. A semi-random, semi-autobiographical text file. In fact, the more random the better.
Start anywhere, and don't be afraid to ramble. It does not have to be compelling or readable.
All that matters is that it contains as much information as possible.
Hopefully, your most important memories, traits, and preferences will remain for future historians to incorporate into their simulations of ancient humanity.
The only question is what to write down and record.


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