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the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker
A new book by Vox Day.
Jordan Peterson's type of intellectual complexification impresses the mainstream masses.
That reminds me of that time when I zoned out a Noam Chomsky appearance and suddenly it was much later.


He died
The last post at the Wimminz blog (linked from the side bar) was eight months ago.
A comment from someone claiming to be his wife or girlfriend strongly suggests there won't be any more posts ever. Online oblivion is sudden.
The motto seems to be stay out of the hospital. A moment of silence for a lost dissident:


Speaking of pessimism, there's a great post at Grey Enlightenment:


We need vastly more pessimism in our lives.
As written many times in this blog, the universe is infinitely evil, while our world is maximally evil. It's as bad as it can get away with.
We all come up with our own solutions. I have mine, you have yours.
Christianity may or may not be helpful for normal people, even though it's wrong. It's probably less bad than the camouflaged Marxianity endorsed by mainstreamers like George H. W. Bush.

Looks like Hell needed another devil
So one of my torturers has died.
In a world of endless evil, even evil must sometimes perish.
Paul Allen was partially but directly responsible for Microsoft Windows's deliberately defective paradigm, endlessly extending crippleware based on cancerously bloated code.
He will continue to torture me from beyond the grave with every screen stutter and frozen mouse click.
He's torturing me right now as I'm trying to write this blog post.

Been very very busy
No time to write more

I believe in the paranormal
To me, the paranormal is something inexplicable that also has to be real.
To be real it has to be undeniable.
It's the questions I can never get answered.

Suppose there were always UFOs moving through the sky, big purple disks gliding under, over, and through the clouds in seemingly random directions . . . but for some reason no one else will admit to seeing them, no matter how many times I point them out.
At some point you know they can't be illusions, or your existence might as well be an illusion.

This is the perfect description of my life. Something is happening that I CANNOT understand, but no one will admit to its existence.
Instead of purple UFOs the thing that cannot be explained, and my best candidate for a genuine anomaly extant in this world, is the near-universal acceptance of evil bureaucracy.

the Low Tax Party
The libertarians should have given up in 2004. No one is buying what they are selling.
They should adapt to the USA's and the Western world's ongoing disintegration.
Libertarianism starts with a proper focus on the self. You can't control other people, and absolutely cannot change them. White people can't safely live with black people without as yet uninvented security systems.
Taxes are a delusion of a majority to justify the mass-imposition of irreconcilable values.
The Libertarians should rename themselves the Low Tax Party. That would be their golden promise. No matter what, never break it.

New comics imprints!
They include titles that have been banned by both Marvel and DC.



Infogalactic articles on political evolution




Read it here first

Why the paranormal seems real
Whenever something inexplicable appears to happen, the normal laws of probability should still apply.
That means that for every apparently paranormal occurrence, there would have to be many "almost paranormal" incidents:
It briefly looks like something strange happened, but then we can see what was actually going on.
By integrating these near misses, we should realize the falsity of real anomalies.
Maybe there are too few near misses, or else awareness deliberately removes the perception of them.

Infogalactic on mind paradoxes


Is awareness a trade-off between emotion and intellect?
Awareness has been hypothesized to be the emotional representation of many incompletely defined facts. If they are completely defined, there's no need for awareness.
The more feeling, the more awareness, but the less intelligence.
The only way to understand awareness may be to minimize it away, just one tiny thing after another.