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the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

The Hard Problem of consciousness
The Hard Problem only seems hard because the mind is an open-ended process, while thoughts are momentary. They're temporary and incomplete models of reality.
Consciousness cannot be understood at any instant. The inscrutable vagueness of consciousness represents all its provisional knowledge.
You could say human awareness relies on virtual memory, and the strangeness is a false memory. Consciousness seems complex because it's only made of simple parts.

My greatest mistake predicting the future:
I thought progress was like an endlessly multiplying universal solvent, improving everything it touched.
That meant ways would be invented to make both people and society smarter.
The self-guiding hand of progress would regularize and rationalize every group and individual like magic.

Yeah, I was wrong about that.
In reality, browsers are SLOWER now than 10 years ago, because of endlessly multiplying crapware thoughtlessly added by malevolent computer programmers (but I repeat myself).

Does anyone know where you can see the Christchurch video?
Censorship is total. It's like the Body Snatchers took over the world. Just what is going on here? More to come.

No news is bad news
The boredom singularity approaches with every day of nothing to report. Looks like the world will end with a whimper, in ice.

76 days and counting . . .
It's official: all news has stopped.
The most boring period in human history shows no sign of ever ending at this point. I don't blame Trump personally, but he seems to have figured out a way to absorb the world's news-generating potential for himself. FoxNews is nothing but Washington talking heads now.

A magazine article about some Swiss guy and his girlfriend who stole about a billion dollars worth of old artworks:

He found it surprisingly easy to steal paintings and other artifacts from dozens of European museums and dealers. It could take several visits to case and prepare the scene. He put up signs like "removed for restoration", and sometimes the theft wasn't noticed for weeks.
Then they hid all the stuff in his locked room in his mother's house.

When he got arrested, his mother, who had known nothing about the crimes until then, burned all the paintings, and tossed the artifacts in a canal.
This being Europe, the bitch got off with a slap on the wrist.
Just so everyone knows who I am: for that crime, I would shoot his mother in the head.

drive by blogging
Checking my old records it turns out the world has always sucked about as much as it does now. The Net has continued the illusion of the Flynn Effect, masking our ongoing genetic cognitive decline.

Drive by blog post coming
Busier than ever, but may have time to post first impression soon

Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker
A new book by Vox Day.
Jordan Peterson's type of intellectual complexification impresses the mainstream masses.
That reminds me of that time when I zoned out a Noam Chomsky appearance and suddenly it was much later.


He died
The last post at the Wimminz blog (linked from the side bar) was eight months ago.
A comment from someone claiming to be his wife or girlfriend strongly suggests there won't be any more posts ever. Online oblivion is sudden.
The motto seems to be stay out of the hospital. A moment of silence for a lost dissident:


Speaking of pessimism, there's a great post at Grey Enlightenment:


We need vastly more pessimism in our lives.
As written many times in this blog, the universe is infinitely evil, while our world is maximally evil. It's as bad as it can get away with.
We all come up with our own solutions. I have mine, you have yours.
Christianity may or may not be helpful for normal people, even though it's wrong. It's probably less bad than the camouflaged Marxianity endorsed by mainstreamers like George H. W. Bush.