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It's basically 100% science fiction stories. I already published one SF novel and three SF short story collections, so why not a fourth one?

I have also started preparations on my next non-fiction book, AND a giant all-inclusive website to host all my content (that may be a while off).

This seems like a good time to start a new religion

It's the age of anti-news, an abnormal pause in an era in which not much was happening anyway.
We shouldn't waste this opportunity for important reflection.

Religion exists for a simple reason: to promise safety against the infinite number of things that could and eventually must go wrong. Or as I like to call it, the Torture Problem, the dark heart of the Tortureverse.
Ultimately, the only problem in reality is the inability to commit suicide. So the first rule is that there should be no such thing as involuntary existence. More fundamental than the Golden Rule is this ultimate law of non-existence (though all laws will eventually be broken).
Under the grim tenets of Malism, this seems like an impossible goal, and is therefore religious in nature.

It would have to be an anthropic religion, and secular.
The problem with gods is that (logically speaking) most god-level minds must be as stupid as they are immense.
Imagine the list of all possible minds. Almost all these minds would be infinite themselves. Virtually all such minds must also be infinitely defective: almost but not quite random, just minimally conscious of themselves, and who knows of what uniquely meaningless perceptions. There are simply too many things that can go wrong.

Interestingly, there can be no highest mind. If you try to extrapolate mind sizes and scopes, the trends seem to diverge forever.

An anthropic religion would try to invent universal principles to make the impossible possible.
I've already bored readers for years about concepts like the law of maximum connectivity, the gray fog theory, anthropic offramps, etc.
Due to their unavoidable vagueness, such notions are ultimately religious in nature.

The first step would be to deal with that pesky fear of death that most religions already share. That means encouraging the development of mind backup technology.
My best guess on how to start would be to try to create an endless moment simulation:
A full mental description of a human-level mind which remembers an endless past, complete with memories of having already had this exact same thought, innumerable eons ago. A memory fractal of eternal recurrence.
It's going to be a long project.

OK I did not expect this

So now we've gone from there being no news to negative news. Or rather, the prevention of news.
Nothing is happening right now, though eventually something might.
Over ten thousand anonymous old people died in southern Europe, and hundreds of middle-aged persons worldwide. That does count as news, like an African famine or massive earthquake in Nepal.
I would have expected a planetary emergency to seem more desperately heroic than passively suicidal.

Why aren't there natural vaccines?

If viruses can't exist outside the body for very long, then people who don't get too close to infected persons should be exposed to many disintegrating viral fragments, alerting the immune system.
That suggests the outer coating of successful viruses may have a type of self-destruct mechanism when it's exposed to air, beyond the well-known chemical and temperature effects.

Explanation forthcoming

Been kept busy with stupid useless bureaucracy I want nothing to do with, but have also stared writing some more. My life would be simpler if other people didn't demand as much of my time.
Also got a bit of hangover at the moment. Just checking my drunk notes as that has led to interesting discoveries. Something about the EU anthem being an incel theme? Sounds about right with all the surplus men being brought in by Merkel & co.