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the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

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The Bottom-Up Solution
This is where it will all start:
The first and most important step is to begin an open-ended essay, written in the present tense.
There is only one restriction. The text must remain confined within the boundaries of your mind.
It will focus on the smallest details, every step in the chain of motivations that brought you to this point. Very self-centered, this would be ideal for introverts.
The stories will meander aimlessly, generating new keywords and concept nodes.
You will even make stuff up, filling in details about old friends and places. That doesn't matter, as the stories would accurately describe your present memories, which are all that need to be preserved. The past is already dead.
The point is to write a true story, not a database. A summation of all the things that matter, it will give meaning to a lifetime. To contain all the important truths it doesn't even have to be readable. Inevitably, it will be almost unreadable to humans.
The storylines will cycle back and forth across time and space, revealing long-term patterns. They will zoom in and out, focusing on the tiniest details and the surrounding settings.
There will be many repetitions, and descriptions of frequently recurring events. Favorite settings and situations will emerge. These will evoke vague feelings hinting at spiritual insights.
Diaries go back thousands of years. Psychometry is still a brand-new art.
Eventually, the fragments will have to be arranged chronologically.