the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

The invention of immortality
This blog is about the greatest project of all time. It's about the solution to all human problems. The process hasn't actually begun yet.
For decades, futurists have been announcing humanity's upcoming salvation. It seems almost easy, though all the hard work still has to be done. There is a bit of a messianic component. If you're going to write about stuff you don't really understand, you might as well aim high.

Right now we're still living in the dark ages. The world may even be regressing again. The most fundamental truths (like the excessive complexity of physics) can't even be mentioned, let alone discussed.
It's actually a very stable state. The lack of change means humanity's distant descendants may still live recognizable human lives, but the settings will be fantastically different.
If all goes well, they will be pure software. Their worlds will get messy without getting dirty, and can be easily rearranged. They will never get bored or depressed, and will have access to unlimited pleasures.
The sooner the better.

Of course there are even more immense dangers. Unimaginable horrors will be just as easy to simulate as pleasures. This problem will have to be dealt with sooner than anyone may like. The moral minefield is closer than expected.
As explained in no fewer than seven books so far, the field of anthropic philosophy will have to handle the ultimate problem of reality. It involves the problem of involuntary existence.
There is no other problem.
For best results, future minds should be integrated at all levels with their society. The long-term evolution of posthuman society will value stability above all else. Post-human evolution will be severely restricted.
Perhaps every day will be like the first day in heaven.


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