the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

simplicity solutions
Fortunately, the most horrible future problems may be self-correcting.
As the cost of computers plummets, it will become possible to create artificial minds with real awareness.
A few decades later, it will be possible to create unlimited numbers of artificial minds.
Perhaps they will link into an overmind that will stabilize faster than new threats can emerge.
However, that time is still very distant.

At the moment, the philosophical problems of awareness alone are so inscrutable it seems inevitable that someone will try to invent a short-cut.
The fear of death is too great to wait for the Singularity.
Instead of brain scanning, entrepreneurs will offer testing services to record a subject's personality while they are still alive.
It will of course be a very crude mind copy.
Brain scanners will take so long to develop that billions of people will only survive as very incomplete simulations, less awareness than memory.

In fact, for early mind extension and mind backup programs to work, users will have to vastly simplify their lives.
This will change society.
The practical solution to the mysteries of existence will be to simplify them out of existence. This will also avoid the worst perversions of awareness.
Posthumanity will start as a simple matrix of all knowledge.
It will become highly correlated, slowly evolving into a powerful higher mind


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