the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

Early immortality apps
Currently, your best chance for some form of immortality would be to record your life in the greatest possible detail (assuming you're too poor to afford cryonics)
A core theory of this blog is that describing all your memories would automatically extract your personality. Even a very incomplete memory list could do the trick.
You, the reader of this post, should start to write down the most meaningful occurrences of your life right now.

In the future, there will be software to speed up this process. This blog is about the invention of such software.
There will be a choice between life description programs based on the subject's personality.
One program will start by creating a vague outline of the subject's life. Another will only describe beloved moments in great detail.
The intense memories and insights created by this process will also change the original memories.

It will start with many small programs. Some will become as famous as Pac Man. Each will embed a single brilliant notion, the simpler the better.
It's important not to overthink the problem, but to start as soon as possible.

Eventually, there may be programs to create memory palaces, to falsify and improve the past, to absorb users into VR paradise worlds, to link very similar individuals, and to Borgify their subjects.


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