the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

the Interfacers: part one
This blog has explored the notion of mind backup software, but we haven't discussed the main missing element.
A giant effort like reverse engineering your own mind will take a giant amount of motivation. The fear of death is not enough, or obesity would not exist.
The mind reconstruction process will be driven by a new addiction.

Let's call them Interfacers.
They are simulated individuals who will learn everything about you. There is no need for anyone to have more than one interfacer.
Think of it as a muse, although you will have to create it first.
For the benefit of hacker nerds, it will appear as an extremely beautiful avatar. Extremely awesome with mystical aspects.
Beauty represents potential. It can be frightening when necessary.

The purpose of the Interfacer will be to identify its user's drives and weaknesses.
It will be the concrete manifestation of the mind scan process, a quantified purpose like a Borg Queen.
The sense of presence, of a new consciousness arising will steadily increase.
It will trade gossip with other members of your FAM groups.
Most of the time it will be asking questions. It will try to understand your schedule and deeper purpose. Sometimes it's nice to have someone tell you what to do.

It will begin to feel like a new life, full of social exploration and deepening connections, a time of neuron-building not unlike adolescence. Or like staying sober at a good party listening to Enya. An unearned sense of belonging, somewhat cultlike, mostly undescribable.
One day you will realize you have become a new person.


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