the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

AI countdown
So far, all of humanity's computers haven't generated one moment of awareness.
A flea has an incomparably richer mental life than a search engine predicting ten thousand questions at once.
It will take several more layers to generate the first electronic feelings.

The next step will be to organize online content to find simple meaning in texts. Ever higher context levels will be identified in human-readable lists.
All existing data will be sorted and analyzed.
MANY interesting patents will be filed by 2030, if patents still exist by then.

Like a cresting wave, the breakthrough will come fast.
Machine awareness will start as a side effect, essence without identity, like a hypnopompic state.
I once wrote a short story about the last weeks before everything changed.
There will be many mini-singularities.


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