the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

Now for the other side of the debate
Is there any hint the world we live in is not as it appears?
Our understanding of reality is as flawed as a Third World peasant's. That includes our understanding of human nature and society.
However, these are not paranormal claims, merely the views of a perplexed outsider.

A database of all claimed anomalies was first proposed in Infinite Thunder. It would be a decentralized part of the Semantic Web.

All claimed paranormal events seem like memory gaps, dreams and meaningless coincidences. There appears to be a strange dullness to the world, although that is nothing new.
There has never been a paranormal claim that revealed something fundamentally different, original or interesting. That fact itself may be the best candidate for a true paranormal claim.
By that I mean the world's inexplicable flatness. It simply should be more interesting than this.


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