the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

A great mental change may only take a moment
Born-again Christians describe how they were "saved" in just a second. Michael Crichton explained in "Travels" how his father issues were instantly resolved in a posthumous seance. Best of all are the "love at first sight" stories I've heard about.
Clearly, there is something ceremonial about a major life change.

That brings us to the mind scanning and recording process that is the unwavering focus of this blog (eight patents so far, as soon as I mail in the applications).
As explained, this process will be very elaborate, a lifelong transition to digital immortality.
Unfortunately we don't really know the major elements and control functions just yet. This is basically science fiction, but I believe it will really happen.

The most important step may be the first one.
During the induction phase, each user will enter a highly detailed Virtual Reality world. This will be a premium service requiring a supercomputer.
It should be so lifechanging they will never really leave, even after they have returned to their mundane realities.

As part of the lifelong scanning and recording process, the subject will be encouraged to pretend they are already living in a post-human life simulation.
That will simplify their existence, and make things easier for the software.
Their whole lives will be planned and controlled for them. They will wear permanent interface devices on and in their bodies, even in the shower.

During the intermediate "mind extension" phase they will be constantly answering questions and giving orders to a digital assistant that will try to predict their actions. Instead of replacing its owner, it will attempt to merge with them.
Until this process gets easier after a decade or two, such a total commitment may only appeal to people who already have a tenuous link with the ordinary.



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