the Simple Immortality Plan

An anthropic philosopher in a race against time.

The ultimate app of the not-too-distant future
Remembering and describing a meaningful fraction of all the data stored in a human mind could take weeks, perhaps a whole lifetime.
The human subject would have to be extremely motivated to keep talking about themselves. They would need special software to help out.
The program would enter and sort the data for them. It could run tests, questionnaires, and quizzes. It should make it easy to enter any random memory or personality facet.

Entering memories out of sequence could reveal repeated blunders and learning difficulties through the years, subconscious behavior patterns, long-term trends, hidden biases and subtle personality attributes.
It might be insightful to describe dreams in extreme detail, complete with imagined background settings.
The best current mind extraction method would be a prolonged, deeply probing psychiatric interview conducted by Hannibal Lecter. That would take supreme intelligence and intuition.

Early mind scanning programs will keep it simple.
They will ask incisive, revealing, and absurd questions invented by human experts, and have the subject answer on multiple choice checksheets.
Above all the program should allow the user to assign a degree of importance to every statement they make. That would establish their priorities, and perhaps the command structure of their mind.
Eventually, the program will learn to sort new facts into existing categories.


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